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Remote start kitDrivers who live in areas where there’s cold (and really cold) weather know how inconvenient it is sitting in a frozen car waiting for it to warm up.

That is unless you have a remote starter on your vehicle.

In the most basic sense, a remote starter allows you to start your vehicle’s engine (some from a mile away), this way you can warm up your car and its interior before getting inside. It also works great if you live in warm weather climates, allowing you to cool off your seats and cabin before getting on your way.

While some new vehicles come equipped from the factory with some form of remote starting, most vehicles leave the dealership lot without the convenience. Luckily Perfect Soundz carries in stock plenty of aftermarket options to serve your needs if a remote starter sounds appealing to you.

Along with being able to remotely start your car, some kits will serve as alarm systems, allowing you to lock/unlock your doors remotely, pop the trunk, and more!

If you’re in the market for a remote starter system, contact Perfect Soundz today to schedule your appointment.

There are one-way kits, meaning you press and hold the assigned button on your remote once (sometimes twice) to start the engine.  There are also two-way kits, meaning your car will send a signal back to your device indicating the vehicle did in fact start.

Yes!  We carry them in stock ready to install.  Contact Perfect Soundz today to schedule your appointment.