Remote start system from Perfect Soundz

It’s the middle of winter and the temperatures haven’t lost their cold grip. Your car that’s parked outside is probably frozen over, and you’re dreading the idea of getting into it.  Well, remote start your vehicle so it’s nice and toasty before getting in!

Remote start your car just by pushing a button on your smartphone or key fob. Our system contains everything you need to connect your car.

Many new vehicles today have the option of including a factory system, but they are very limited in terms of their range and capabilities (typically 30 feet of range).

Perfect Soundz proudly serves the surrounding communities of Libertyville, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Roundout, Mettawa, Lake Forest, Gurnee, and more with industry-certified technicians.

What’s a remote start cost?
Typically they run $299-599 depending on the model and features.  Your car model also effects pricing, so it’s best to call Perfect Soundz at (847) 362-7206

Can you install a remote start in any vehicle?
Yes!  Most newer vehicles have an optional remote-start package, but those tend to have less range than an aftermarket system.

Is it worth installing a remote-start system?
Generally if you live in cold climates the answer is always YES!  Why sit in a cold car waiting for it to warm up when it’s warm when you enter the car?  Contact us today for a quote!

Is it difficult installing a remote start?
It can be, especially if you are not trained with car wiring.  Our expert technicians install (on average) two remote starts per day between October-March.

What types of remote start systems do you carry?
We have both one-way and two-way systems.  One-way systems send a signal to your car to start.  Two-way systems allow the car to ‘respond’ letting you know the car successfully started.

Is there an auto shut down for remote start systems?
Yes, this can be programmed by our staff upon installation of the system.  We generally set the maximum to 20 minutes.